School Noticeboard

Subscribing to the Noticeboard

To receive the Noticeboard posts, you need to subscribe to the Noticeboard mailing lists. It is easy to unsubscribe should you find that your inbox is becoming too busy.

Note: You must login to the list server web interface for access to any of the links below as it is restricted to LSHTM Users. If you follow the link you will receive an error message and you can then log in via the top right hand menu:


To subscribe you can visit:

or you can send an email to with the subject subscribe noticeboard

To unsubscribe you can visit:

As a member of LSHTM, you can view the web archive of messages sent to the list via the link below (you don’t need to be a subscriber for this):

You may wish to create a Rule in your inbox which would move any messages from the Noticeboard to a separate folder. We have a video on how to work with Rules which is available here:

Outlook 2016 – Working with Rules

Noticeboard via LSHTM Mobile

Did you know that you can also view the Noticeboard from the LSHTM Mobile page?

Navigate to this URL from your mobile device and save it to your phone for future reference:

Although the page is specifically formatted for mobile devices, you can also access it from your PC.

Posting an advertisement to the Noticeboard

An advertisement is simply an email which has been sent to or

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