Did you know? November 2016


This Did you know? newsletter is dedicated to all things relating to the GroupWise to Outlook migration and Office 365.

Not yet migrated?

You can find all the information you need to be prepared for the migration on our intranet pages:  Migration Guidance

Our Migration Team will be in touch to schedule migration dates and provide pre-migration information. External tutors, research degree students and remaining overseas staff (very few) are still due to be migrated. It is expected that everyone will be using Outlook by the first quarter of 2017.

Please note: The Helpdesk have received queries from staff who have dragged their email to their computer desktop which creates a .gwi file. This only creates a shortcut to the items in GroupWise when staff may believe that they are creating an archive of the mailbox. Once you have migrated and you lose access to GroupWise, those links will no longer work making this file redundant.

Emails, up to 7 years old (or longer subject to prior approval), are archived to our Retain email archive service while the latest 6 months’ worth of email will also be migrated to your Outlook inbox.

If you have already migrated and are now using Outlook, we hope you are discovering the many benefits.

How to access the School noticeboard

Follow our instructions here: http://its.lshtm.ac.uk/2016/09/09/school-noticeboard/

Outlook Hints Tips We share Outlook Hints & Tips

We have several blog posts dedicated to Outlook hints and tips: http://its.lshtm.ac.uk/category/o365/outlook/

Outlook can help you manage your day more efficiently

Have you discovered how powerful the calendar functionality is in Outlook? Provided your team all use and update their electronic calendars, scheduling meetings is a doddle!

Easy scheduling of meetings (ITS blog post with screenshots)

Video – Tame your email and calendar (Microsoft video, 1m 29s)

You can work offline with Outlook

Do you frequently travel or maybe you are based in a location with low-bandwidth? Outlook provides features for you to either work offline or use the ‘light’ version which provides a simplified experience. Details on how to do this are here: http://its.lshtm.ac.uk/2016/05/31/working-offline-with-outlook/

You can download Microsoft Office to your personal device for free


Have you visited the Office 365 portal yet? This is where you can access the online versions of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneDrive, Sharepoint and OneNote.

The portal is accessible via https://portal.office.com (log in using the format username@lshtm.ac.uk and your network password).

You can also download the latest version of Microsoft Office* for free on up to 5 personal devices via this link: https://portal.office.com/OLS/MySoftware.aspx

onedriveAbout OneDrive

OneDrive is the Microsoft equivalent to Dropbox. It is a service for hosting files in the “cloud” and offers a simple way to store, sync and share all kinds of files, with other people and devices on the web. See it as the ‘cloud/Office 365’ equivalent of the traditional My Documents folder. It’s really easy to access your personal documents anywhere online but also has the capabilities to share files with your collaborators outside of the School.

Our O365 subscription provides you with 1Tb of free storage space! That is the equivalent of 1 Million documents! Just like Dropbox and due to the fact this is a Microsoft hosted service, we are unable to assist with the recovery of any files. We are in the process of compiling guidance of which files should be stored where as we know the number of storage options available to staff are becoming overwhelming.

Video – What is OneDrive (Microsoft video, 2m 23s)

sharepointAbout SharePoint

SharePoint is an online collaboration and document management tool. You can use it as a place to store, organise, share and access information from almost any device. SharePoint also enables you to share content with external collaborators (subject to this site feature being enabled). To work with files from SharePoint site libraries directly in File Explorer and access the files even when you’re offline, you can sync the files to your computer. Whenever you’re online, any changes that you or others made will sync automatically.

Below is an example of how SharePoint is being used for committee management:


And how SharePoint is being used for project management:


Did you know that the School intranet is powered by SharePoint? Our SharePoint intranet page includes further information about this service and contains use cases from around the School (incl. the above examples):


onenoteAbout OneNote

OneNote is an electronic notebook used to gather information, thoughts and notes in various ways. Think of the notes and doodles you make in a paper notebook … but online and available from all of your devices. It’s the Microsoft version of Evernote – the best bit is that you have access to OneNote for free as part of our O365 subscription.

Video – What is OneNote (Microsoft video, 1m 16s)

OneNote Tutorial (YouTube video, 22m 38s)

o365-logoAbout O365 and how it works

Office 365 is a subscription to a cloud based service hosted by Microsoft. This is great as it means we always have access to the latest versions and the newest features. This also has a downside in that features are deployed to our portal as they become available. Those of you already using O365 may have noticed Sway, Planner, Forms or Yammer appearing recently. These are all tools that you are free to use but we are not in a position to formally support these additional features.

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