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Did you know? Jan 2017 – Student edition

In this edition learn about: Getting started with IT / IT Helpdesk contact details and opening times / ServiceDesk / Phishing and spam guidance / IT training materials via Moodle / Free Office 2016 for Students / Multifunctional devices for printing, scanning and copying / LSHTM mobile app / Web accessibility on our webpages
We help you get…

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Did you know? November 2016

This Did you know? newsletter is dedicated to all things relating to the GroupWise to Outlook migration and Office 365.
Not yet migrated?
You can find all the information you need to be prepared for the migration on our intranet pages:  Migration Guidance

Our Migration Team will be in touch…

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Outlook – Meeting scheduling made easy

Easy scheduling of meetings and appointments
Staff are familiar with using the web service Doodle for finding a suitable date for a meeting. Unfortunately, this only secures a date via a poll. All participants then need to remember to enter the agreed meeting date into their calendar and often, due…

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School Noticeboard

Subscribing to the Noticeboard
To receive the Noticeboard posts, you need to subscribe to the Noticeboard mailing lists. It is easy to unsubscribe should you find that your inbox is becoming too busy.

Note: You must login to the list server web interface for access to any of the links…

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Working smarter with Outlook

Want to make the most of Outlook? Here are a number of Outlook tips that can make handling your email and appointments quicker and more efficient.

Public Holidays
If you don’t want to miss public holidays, Outlook can automatically add them to your calendar and it has nearly 100…

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Services Newsletter – August 2016

This news item is the ITS extract from the August Services Newsletter from
10th August 2016
Research Degree Journey Record
Over the past year, ITS have been working with Faculty RD staff and Registry to implement a new online system that will allow students, supervisors and department/faculty staff to…

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Services Newsletter – July 2016

This news item is the ITS extract from the July Services Newsletter from
5th July 2016
eMedLab now available
eMedLab is a private cloud, High Performance Computing (HPC) and big data system shared with other institutions. The eMedLab cloud enables you to set up and use bespoke virtual servers, allowing…

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Turn an email into a meeting

The images below show just how easy it is to turn an email into a calendar appointment:

Or drag and drop the email from your inbox onto the calendar icon (desktop):

or calendar word (webmail):

This also turns the email into a meeting request which you can then complete and…

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Did you know? June 2016

In this edition learn about: Migration to Microsoft Outlook / SharePoint /
Restricted Intelligence – The must-watch series / Multimedia studio /
Horizon remote desktop / Helpdesk advice / Telephony support & advice /
IT Business Partners

Migration to Microsoft Outlook is picking up pace
A migration plan has now been added to the continually developing O365…

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Working offline with Outlook

Working offline in Outlook really couldn’t be simpler … if you disconnect from the network you are automatically working offline. Emails will not be delivered to your inbox and any emails you send will be saved in your outbox until you reconnect to the internet.

In the footer of your…

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